Monday 12th July 2010

It was my first day on the new job today! The time flew so fast!! As with all new job transitions, I had alot of information to go over (and hopefully absorb!) but it was a really good, relaxed first day.

The office is rather spacious and I have a large corner desk - with a window!! Albeit it's just the view of the buildings next door, but still, it's a window! I'll be able to see what the weather's like and gaze at birds in the trees, watch the rain lashing against the roofs and get some real sunshine through the glass.

It's going to take a while to get used to having my own desk. And drawers. And a partition wall to stick notes and pictures on. I've already pinned up a photo of Simba that I used to have stuck to the wall at the lab. I suppose over time I will be personalising my little office space so that it feels more like home.

One thing's for sure - I am absolutely loving how I can bring a cup of coffee to my desk to sip while doing my work. No fear of someone walking in and glancing disapprovingly at me eating at my workspace. I have already begun filling my bottom drawer (yes, I have drawers!!) with food and snacks.

After my first busy day, I really felt like a big hot bowl of soup for dinner.

I made prawn wantans using the leftover prawn meat from the weekend when I made prawn wantans for our steamboat night on Saturday.

I peeled and deveined the prawns, chopped them up and seasoned them with ground white pepper.

Prawn Wantan Soup

I also added some chinese greens to the soup and served with lots of fresh chopped chillies and deep fried shallots.

Oh, it was so sooo good!

Look at that succulent prawn meat!

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