Tuesday 13th July 2010

It's a pity I wasn't working in Subiaco years earlier. Back when I was carefree financially and could afford to be eating out everyday. I'll have to resist the temptation to 'forget' to bring my lunch in order to make an excuse to buy lunch from one of the plethora of eateries along Rokeby Road.

In saying that, I bought lunch today =P

Ogilvie's, at 273 Rokeby Road in Subiaco, is just across the street from my new workplace and they sell gourmet lunches and foods. Being such cold weather, I opted for the soup. They make them on the premises.

Chicken and Vegetable Soup - $7

I was disappointed with the soup. I make better chicken and vegetable soup than that. It certainly wasn't worth the $7 that I paid for it! On the other hand, the piece of bread they buttered for me was totally awesome! It was crusty and tasted absolutely divine with the generous spread of butter. The bread beat the soup hands down.

There's a rule at my new workplace. We have fresh fruit ordered for the staff and it's an unspoken rule that no one eats the bananas so that they can be taken home by the lady who works in accounts to turn it into delicious banana cake.

I could smell the delicious bananas before even biting into it!

Fennel, Hungarian Salami & Potato Soup

You might remember I made a similar soup not long ago - Chorizo, Fennel & Potato Soup - but tonight I didn't have chorizo. Instead, I used Hungarian Salami that I found in the fridge. It wasn't as good as the chorizo version because it was missing that saltiness.

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