Sunday 27th June 2010

After spending a few exhilirating hours at the Perth Upmarkets, we drove to Fremantle in search of lunch.

33 South Terrace, Fremantle

We were immediately greeted at the entrance with this gorgeous sight.

Paella being cooked.

We were seated at the opposite side of the restaurant to where I sat last time I was there. The table was higher and we were on bar stools. The doors were wide open and it was light, airy and a bit chilly, but it was a great atmosphere. The aromatics wafting over from the kitchen were making us drool. It felt like we were in Melbourne.

We shared a pizza.

I had the beer taster.

We also shared a serve of that paella that we saw cooking outside.

The bread they served with it was utterly amazing! I used it to mop up the rice. The colours of the dish had lost its appeal though...I was expecting a gorgeous red/orange hue, but instead it looked rather brown and unappealing. It was good, but I think my risotto tastes better. I could be bias...=P

Afterwards, we went for a walk and stopped by at San Churros. We were waiting outside and amused ourselves by watching the guy fry the churros.

Mmm...all that oil splattered against the glass.

We had some really really delicious chocolate brownies from there!
Too bad I didn't alter the settings on my camera before taking this photo...

We walked to the beach and shared some hot chips. A really nice, relaxing Sunday that wasn't wasted at home on the couch.

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