Saturday 16th January 2010

Wednesday 27th Jan:

Yes folks, I have been very slow with the posts lately. Here are some excuses:

1. I was sick upon my return from Singapore.
2. I suffered a migraine for several days the following week.
3. Australia Day - how could I sit at home and blog!?

Well, now I'm on the night shifts so I should be able to do some catching up.

Anyhow...back to the food!

26 Roe Street, Northbridge

Today I caught up with Benoit, Ivy and Fee for dim sum and bubble tea.

33 South Terrace, Fremantle

To celebrate Shallen's birthday!

A few of us couldn't make up our minds so it was fantastic that they had a beer sampler available. I love beer samplers! My favourite was the....oh my....I don't remember which one it was! I think it was the pale ale...and the seasonal brew "Ron's Ale" was surprisingly really really good! Generally, the darker the beer, the less I will like them. But this one was so light and refreshing. Very surprising!

beer bread with olive oil - 8
grain flat bread with dips - 13
goat balls of fire - 10
duck, watermelon & cashew salad - 16
salt & pepper calamari - 14
Meng loved the duck salad!
rogue-tempura snapper fillets - 13
chorizo pizza - 22
sticky pork belly & seared scallops - 17
garlic & rosemary potato cubes - 8

91 Market Street, Fremantle

We've heard the hype about this place that makes churros - Spanish donuts that you dunk into rich melted chocolate and eat - so we finally get to try it tonight!

The actual premises were disappointing...I thought it was going to be a cute little cafe but it was really just an ordinary looking coffee shop. We were all rather full from dinner so we only ordered 3 churros with chocolate to share.

Meng couldn't resist vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping.
Remember ICE MAGIC!? I swear it was that!

The churros were straight out of the deep-fryer. Hot!
They were really good but I could only manage a small piece.

We went home and played Pictionary until about 2am.

Good times.

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