Friday 15th January 2010

I made a few purchases on Ebay recently - TUPPERWARE!

Yes, I am a fan of Tupperware products. I remember when I was young, Mum and her friends would always order from the Tupperware lady in town. Over the years we've lost lids, or had containers chewed up by Simba. And there are alot of affordable, good quality plastic storage containers available in supermarkets nowadays, but there's always going to be a place in my heart - and pantry - for Tupperware.

They're durable, can be freezer/microwave/oven/dishwasher proof, and most of their products come with lifetime guarantees. I also love the colours that they bring their products out in. I'm a sucker for them!

One of my purchases on Ebay late last year was the Tupperware Crystalwave Pack & Go Set. It comes with the insulated lunch bag, a crystalwave lunch bowl and soup mug. Both dishes come with a liquid-tight lid that has a 'valve' you can open to allow heat/vapour to escape when you want to reheat food in the microwave. I have been using this set for work and it's fantastic! I usually pack a salad in the dish, and the soup mug is perfect for soups and soupy things. Perfect for me since I love soup and it's difficult to reheat soups at work. But because it's a mug with a handle, it makes reheating and transferring it from the microwave to the table so easy!

Lunch at Work
Vegetable & Risoni Soup

Another good thing about the soup mug is that it's a great way to portion control!

Prawn Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli, Basil & Asparagus

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