Thursday 15th July 2010

With the commute to and from work on the train, I don't get home until just after 6pm. I am truly going to miss being able to duck into the supermarkets on the way home from work when working the day shifts at the lab. With only Thursday nights and Saturdays available for me to do grocery shopping, I need to plan further ahead and have a meal plan for the week. Not just for dinner, but also for what I'm taking to work for lunch.

It's going to be a cycle of freezing and defrosting.

Tonight I did stop by the shops on the way home after picking up my car from the train station. I always buy my steak when I feel like eating it that night. I don't like to freeze my steaks. I think I might be eating steaks on Thursday or Friday nights from now on!

I was pretty tired and forgot to season the steak. In fact, my dinner turned out to be really bland. I just panfried the broccolini and eggplant in olive oil.

Steak with Broccolini & Eggplant.

A very unremarkable, boring dinner, in my opinion.

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