Thursday 1st July 2010

I bought a huge thick cut rib eye steak - was reduced to only $4.24 and it's a 400 gram hunk of meat. *licks lips* Now is that value or what!?

Rib Eye with Mushroom Butter
& Butter Baked Potatoes

Yes, I love my butter.

I had to be careful cooking the steak because it's so thick. I cooked it over the lowest heat possible until you could see that the sides were beginning to cook. I turned it over and cooked the other side for several minutes, then put it into the oven to rest with the baked potatoes.

The result - a deliciously steak cooked medium - tender as!

For the sauce, I added butter to the pan juices and cooked the mushrooms with a bit of water. I ran out of peppercorns!

Mum was busy the whole night making Nine Layered Cake.

She makes the mixture and ladles it into different bowls
with different food colouring.

She then steams each layer, one at a time.

I'll be taking some to work for our lunch tomorrow.

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