Friday 2nd July 2010


Today is the last day we'll all be working together in this lab that's been our home away from home for the last three plus years. We thought we'd celebrate the occasion as we always do - with food.

Marissa and I set up the table with all our high tea gear.

I blanched my baby asparagus spears in a bowl of boiling water, ran them under cold water, wrapped each one in a bit of prosciutto, warmed them in the microwave for about twenty seconds - serve.

There was so much food!

Here I am - busy taking photos before everyone dug into the food.

Adrijana's Savour & Sweet Pastries
Alice's Tuna stuffed French Stick
Andrea's Platter
Eileen's Camembert & Crackers
Leah's Toblerone Muffins
Someone brought in Marble Cake
Marissa's Profiteroles
Mum's Nine Layer Cake
Nadine's Mum's Falafels
Nikki brought in Grand Marnier Chocolate Dipping Sauce
Sara's Spring Rolls & Dim Sims
Saz's Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto

We all had a good laugh - at Andrea's expense - when she mistook the chocolate sauce for hoi sin sauce and dipped her entire spring roll into it.

I love falafels! I was so happy that Nadine's Mum went to all the trouble of making some for us.

We sure know how to eat, don't we girls!?

I am going to miss this the most about leaving this job and this fantastic group of people I work with. I am going to miss our morning teas, the coffee runs, the pastry runs, ordering takeaway and pizza, cooking for each other, sharing our different ethnic cuisines and recipes.

I'm going to miss you all, Hollywood Stars =)

Shop 17, 1 Howtree Place, Floreat

Tonight we dressed up and went out for dinner. It's been a while since we've caught up because some of us have been on holidays. I was not one of the lucky ones.

We also celebrated a special occasion tonight. One that I was totally not expecting but am so incredibly happy about - Ling and Shallen are engaged!

I remember the first thing I did was burst into tears and utter "I thought this day would never come!"

With the wonderful news, the great food - ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT JAPANESE BUFFET - and my fantastic friends, we had a great night.

I hit the sashimi - hard.
I love the seaweed and octopus salads!
The tempura is cooked to order.
Large, juicy, juicy prawns!
The Takoyaki is cooked to order as well.
So is the Wagyu Beef.
Very delicious Tofu with prawn & vegetables.
Miso soup
Jellies for dessert!

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