Tuesday 6th July 2010

Today I caught up with a couple of girlfriends in the city for lunch. Ivy took us to one of her favourite places - a little cafe tucked away inside a boutique store. You never would have suspected it of being there. Most people aren't aware of this eatery until they're told by someone who's in the know.

307-313 Murray St, Perth CBD

This is a non-pretentious, hassle-free little cafe hidden behind the shopfront of Country Road. We arrived and looked for our table reservation. The staff write your name on the stainless steel table tops. Fantastic idea!

We soon found our table and eagerly went to order our lunch. The menu is written on a large panel of glass mounted on the wall beside the counter.

Ivy and Nga had the Turkish bread with Chicken

I enjoyed the Spinach, Fetta and Pinenut Pie

Deliciously thin pastry with a moist, substantial filling. The coffee wasn't bad either. A very enjoyable lunch girls!

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