Monday 20th September 2010

Remember a few nights ago I made a steak dinner with some 'market value' scotch from Woolworths? Remember how the steak was rather tough and chewy? Remember that I had bought it in a six piece bulk pack?

Well, I can't let it go to waste.

I marinated one in olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper and fresh rosemary and put it into the fridge. The other four pieces I put into the freezer. I can use them for stirfries or noodle soups.

Tonight, I thought I'd brave the second piece of scotch steak.

I cooked some prawns in my little Le Chasseur pot.

Creamy garlic, chilli and saffron Prawns.

I used some of the sauce for my steak dinner.

Scotch steak with Creamy Garlic, Chilli & Saffron Sauce with Prawns
blanched Asparagus and baked Potatoes & Carrots with Butter

Oh my gosh this was sooooo yummy!! The steak was still on the chewy side but much more palatable than last time.

"Aah Saz, you've done it again!"

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