Sunday 19th September 2010

Spring is in the air. I love the cherry blossoms that are in bloom all over Perth. Especially the pink ones. I think I would like to have one in the front yard of my house. I'll have to remember that for when I'm doing the landscaping.

What better way to start a Sunday than dim sum!?

We were rather ravenous this morning.

We ordered multiples of some dishes.

And this morning I had help to polish off the chicken feet.

After dim sum and our ritual bubble tea, we walked to the Perth Art Gallery to see the current exhibit.


In keeping with the spring season, this exhibit was inspired by flowers and blooms and all things floral and pretty. After about an hour, we figured out what the exhibit was about. It wasn't an exhibit of just flowers as we had thought. It was the usual artworks in the gallery, but artists, teachers and various contributors had created 'floral art' displays, incorporating flowers in some form or another, that were inspired by the actual artwork. Some I quite enjoyed, some I appreciated for the beauty or message, while others I thought missed the mark completely. I guess that's art. It's so subjective. But it's thought inspiring and it's interesting to see other people's take on things.

After the exhibit, we went for a coffee.

82 James Street, Northbridge

After walking around for hours in the gallery, I was so buggered. I needed a recharge. Alas, I did not get it here. Not completely, anyways.

The cafe has great decor. It looks modern and cosy and in keeping with the 'milk and honey' theme. It was strange to see the plastic chairs that reminded me of the retro style glass cookware that Mum used to have.

What was disappointing was the coffee.

This is my macchiato.

Half of my coffee was froth. I had to spoon it out onto the saucer to get at the coffee! My friends' coffees were no better. Too much head.

But overall, a fantastic lazy day out and about.

Bee Hoon soup with Prawns

I had one of the remaining Pandan Creme Brulees. After having time to set in the fridge overnight, it was absolutely divine!

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