Monday 27th September 2010

Mum's Nasi Lemak with Ikanbilis, Fish & Omelette

I love nasi lemak. Love love love it!

I spent the day busying myself with domestic duties. I took Simba for a walk. I gave him a hair cut. I gave him a bath. I did a water change for my aquarium. I arranged the new plants I bought (yesterday) in the aquarium. I vaccuumed. I mopped.

I had a macchiato to relax.

I love how lush and tropical my aquarium looks when I have plants in there.
If only the fish wouldn't eat them up so fast!

My guppy fry are doing well.

Just to round off the day at home, I baked some muffins to take to work for morning tea tomorrow.

Mini Savoury Muffins

In them I put ham, semi sundried tomatoes and fresh parsley. Oh, and lots of cheese. I forgot to take a photo of them after they came out of the oven!

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