Tuesday 28th September 2010

After lunch I had a bit of a sweet tooth and so Vince and I went for coffee and cake. I generally don't eat cake nowadays and when I do, I always ask for the tiniest bite size piece. At cafes I'm always seduced by tarts or pies with lots of sweet fruit - usually berries.

Today was no exception. I was instantly attracted to the Rhubarb and Raspberry Pie they had in the cake display.

Vince ordered the Baileys Cheesecake.

I was 'mmm-ing' my way through every single bite of my cake. Anyone walking past would have thought I was sitting on a vibrator, the way I was carrying on.

Back at home, I had a package arrive in the mail. But the size and weight of it, I immediately knew what it was.

It was the 24cm Le Creuset French oven that I redeemed my American Express credit card points to get. I had to fork out another $98 but compared to the other rewards you can redeem your points for, this was the only things I wanted. They had sent me the pot about a month ago but it was red so I sent it back and they finally sent me the 'cobalt blue' one that I asked for.

It's going to look so gorgeous together with my smaller cherry coloured one and my larger yellow coloured one. I'm going to have to line them up one day just to take a photo.

Spicy Vietnamese noodles with Pork Belly slices

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