Thursday 7th October 2010

I'm still very much involved with the keeping of my freshwater aquarium and have some new photos to share. I still get really excited whenever one of my guppies is close to giving birth and I am pretty good at predicting within a day or two when they're going to pop so I can isolate them into the breeding chambers so that the babies don't get eaten.

One of my guppies gave birth the other day and I was fortunate enough to be home to watch this wonderful miracle happen.

The proud mother in labour.

The fry are usually happy to just float to the bottom
of the breeding chamber where they are out of Mum's hungry reach.

This guppy is about a month old.

Ivy's gorgeous little pooch, Lucky.
She's such a poser.

A while back I entered Simba in this competition that they held on the radio for pets called the 'Dogies' (a play on the word 'Logies'). I submitted this photo of him in the 'best smile' category and was ecstatic to see his photo appear on the website when I loaded it up the next day! He didn't win but I think he has the cutest smile.

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