Wednesday 6th October 2010

Morning Tea at Work
Hawaiin Pizza & Coffee

I got the sandwich toaster out of the cupboard this morning and used it to cook my pizza. Yum!

Lunch at Work
Ham & Cucumber Sandwiches with Hot English Mustard

The ham I bought as the end off-cuts from Cannington Fresh and cut it into thick slices. Oh dear, I didn't realise how hot the mustard would be and smothered both slices of bread with a generous helping of it. Needless to say, after my eager first big bite of the sandwich, the mustard kicked in and the heat crept through my nose and brought tears to my eyes. It's not spicy like chillies, but instead it packs a punch like wasabi. I tried to eat the sandwiches with one slice of bread removed to halve the mustard content, but it was no good. I ate as much as I could with my nose flaring and my eyes watering.

After dinner tonight, I unwrapped the goats milk chevre that I bought from a fine foods purveyor in Subiaco during my lunch break. Look at the gorgeous texture!

I made myself a little platter.
Marinated artichokes, water crackers and the goats milk chevre [cheese].

Oh my gosh! The cheese was soooooooooooo divine. I can't wait to share it with my other cheese loving friends!

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