Saturday 27th November 2010

Aah - I had a bit of a sleep in this morning and then started the day with a nice homecooked breakfast.

1 x slice toasted multigrain
several stalks of steamed asparagus
a few slices of smoked salmon
1 x soft poached egg
wasabi mayonnaise dressing
cracked black pepper and sea salt to season

I do spoil myself.

Pork Brawn Salad with Lettuce, Sundried Tomatoes & Mayonnaise

67-71 Canning Beach Road, Applecross

Dinner and drinks at the Raffles tonight! A chance to get frocked up and enjoy a drink, some pizzas and some girly laughter.

Roasted Pumpkin Pizza
Smoked Salmon Pizza
Ham & Pineapple Pizza

I love when the cheese is hot and melted and stringy!

We waited two hours for our wedges. Two hours.
You'd think they were out the back digging them up and preparing them from scratch!

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