Saturday 6th November 2010

Aah, it's Saturday. I had a bit of a sleep in and then made breakfast for myself.

Poached eggs with Steamed Asparagus and Buttered Wholemeal Toast.

One of the eggs was lovely and gooey in the middle. The other had time to cook a bit further while I was getting the first one out of the cling wrap. I should look into purchasing some silicon egg poacher things...

I ran a few errands and then caught up with some girlfriends for some shopping and a late lunch at Westfield Carousel.

Norwegian Crepe - Salmon, Cheese, Spring Onions and Mayonnaise - $10.9


We had coffee and cake afterwards at the Niche Cafe.

14/366 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

We had a belated birthday dinner for Kenny tonight.

Crispy Chicken with Chilli

Fried Chicken?

I think this was Duck...

Pork Belly & Taro Hot Pot

Sambal Beans

Ooh I think my favourite dish was the sambal beans!! I would have been happy to eat that dish alone!

We stopped by at the shops to pick up some ice cream for dessert.

Connoisseur's Strawberry Ice Cream
with fresh Mango & Strawberries
drizzled with melted Lindt Dark Chocolate

The Lindt chocolate hardened from the coldness of the ice cream - just like 'Ice Magic'!

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