Sunday 31st October 2010

This morning Marissa, Teresa and I went to dim sum.

66 Francis Street, Northbridge

Teresa and I had two servings of the tripe!

Chicken Feet

Rice Flour Rolls with Prawns

Rice Flour Rolls with Char Siew

Marissa didn't know what these buns were called so last time she took a photo of them on her phone and we were able to order them by showing one of the staff the photo. Isn't technology wonderful!?

They were some sort of baked buns with pork inside.


Teresa prepared some kidneys by washing them thoroughly
and seasoning them with Vegeta.

The kidneys and lamb chops were cooked on the mini charcoal BBQ.

The kidneys were delicious!

Fresh cucumber and tomato salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Marissa made the pasta sauce - I had two servings!

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