Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Shop 4,94 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

It was only several days ago that I was having breakfast at Delizioso in the city and really enjoying the breakfast Turkish bread sandwich. So, when Vince brought me here for lunch today, I was eager to try the pizza this time.

Vince's pizza.

The pizzas are fantastic! I prefer thin crusts on my pizzas because it means I can eat more slices! The toppings were good quality and the tomato sauce on the base was rich and delicious. Overall, really tasty pizza but I did gawk a bit at the price for such a small slice ($5.90 for my slice with chorizo).

Simba gets all worked up and excited every night when it's near his dinner time. He'll come and annoy either myself or Mum until we feed him. Tonight, we fed him some wet food from the Beneful range. I saw it on special at the supermarket marked down from almost $4 to only $2 each. A saving of half!

Look at all the juicy pieces of meat and vegetables!

He had half yesterday and Mum added some rice in to make up enough for a serve for Simba's dinner tonight.

Look at how tasty that looks! I was tempted...

If I had known how good this product was, I would have bought the entire box that was on the shelf! The containers we can wash out and store Simba's dry biscuits in.

My dinner was Bee Hoon Soup with Fish and Vegetables.

You may have noticed all the chocolate cupcakes I baked to take work tomorrow - last day in the office!

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