Friday 17th December 2010

Today I picked up some pizzas from Domino's on the way to work. I had tried to order them online but when it got to the final stage of processing and confirming my order, an error message popped up. I called the store in Victoria Park and was told that their internet ordering is offline at the moment. Great, it would have been good to know this before wasting my time on their site.

BBQ Chicken & Bacon
Fire Breather

Jocelyn cooked tonight. She made noodles. I was a bit reluctant to eat it because the one and only other time she cooked for us, we all got food poisoning. The noodles weren't bad! I had to add lots of chilli though because it lacked spiciness.

I was still hungry after the noodles, so I put together a little snack.

Smoked Mussels & Dolmades

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