Saturday 18th December 2010

Victoria came over this morning and we went out to buy ingredients to do some Christmas cookie baking.

We intended to go home and poach some eggs for breakfast, but the lure of chips and gravy was too great. We succumbed.

At home, we set about making two batches of biscuit dough.

One vanilla, the other chocolate. Same as what we did last year.

I love the ones we coated in pink sugar crystals.

Victoria made a few that looked so much like dog poo!

As Victoria pointed out, these look like the invincibility stars in Super Mario!

We bagged them up in cellophane - now they're ready to be given away as gifts!

While our last batch of biscuits was in the oven, we made a quick lunch.

We marinated a piece of porterhouse in soy sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce and chilli flakes. We seared each side in the pan and after resting it for several minutes, we sliced it up for the salad.

We threw together some roughly chopped roma tomatoes, washed rocket leaves, sliced red onion and cubes of avocado. I added some olive oil and white balsamic vinegar into the remaining marinade and whisked it together to create a salad dressing. Yum!

Thai Beef Salad

45 William Street (cnr Francis Street), Northbridge

Sarah and I decided to have a quick dinner in Northbridge before taking the train to Subiaco for the U2 360 concert. We chose this place because it wasn't busy and I've been curious about it since it took over Vultures Cafe.

We both ordered the $20 sirloin and chips special that was on the board, asking for it medium rare. It took a while for our steaks to arrive and we were both really disappointed that they were like cardboard. They were cooked all the way through and difficult to swallow. We were hungry though, and there was no time to order something else or have it recooked. We did mention it to the waiter when he came to clear our plates though. It's a pity it left a bad impression for us because it is a great location but I don't think I will be returning for the food.

After the concert, we walked into Northbridge and Sarah and I were so incredibly thirsty. We ordered a can of grass jelly each and polished them off immediately. We asked for a second one. So...thirsty!

The U2 concert was great, by the way.
The 'spaceship' stage really did look out of this world!

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