Saturday 11th December 2010

Even though I no longer work at SJOG, I went as Lisa's date to their Christmas Party tonight at Burswood in the Summer Marquee.

The theme was 'Mad Hatters Party' but it looked like most people had just dusted off their Melbourne Cup fascinators. There were some quirky hats around the place though.

For only $50, it was rather great value for money this year. We had a drinks package including wines, bubbly and a few beers. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a plate of prawns and antipasto. It didn't take us long to polish these off!

Peeled Prawns with Lemon Wedges and a Cocktail Sauce.

Antipasto Plate.

Like last year, it was disappointing that the buffet displays were in the dark. We could barely see what we were picking from. A few lanterns or candles wouldn't have gone astray.

I enjoyed one plate from the buffet - meat and salads.

I went back for seconds and wondered if they had any prawns left. I was in luck! There was one plate left and someone scooped half of them onto my plate. I only managed to eat a few of them before I lured out onto the dance floor with great music.

While I was dancing, I noticed what felt like a mosquito bite on my left cheek. I ignored it, but then felt a few more bumps next to the first bump. Then I felt some on my right cheek. Later in the toilets, Lisa proclaimed that I had hives!

Wah! I have never had hives on my face before! I can't think why I had them - perhaps the prawns? It sort of put a dampener on my night but after the hives subsided I was out on the dance floor again.

Should I sue Burswood!?

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