Thursday 2nd December 2010

I love cheese.

Especially soft cheeses.

I bought this one from a store in Subiaco and shared it with my cheese loving work colleagues.

Tarago River Cheese Company's 'Jensen's Red' - $64/kg

I loved the saltiness of this cheese. It would be absolutely perfect with a glass of red to wash it down. I am going to have to remember the name for next time!

After work, I set about making a quiche for work tomorrow. Firstly, I blind baked a sheet of shortcrust pastry in a shallow dish.

I used diced ham and chopped sundried tomatoes. I combined some cream, milk, grated cheese, a couple of eggs and some cracked black pepper and poured that in.

Always one to multitask, I made dinner at the same time as I prepared the quiche.

Seafood Laksa

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