Wednesday 8th December 2010

For lunch today, I used the leftover creamy saffron sauce and prawns that I made a few nights ago. I simply cooked some penne and tossed through the sauce.

Tonight Meng and I grabbed a really quick dinner in Northbridge before heading to the Bon Jovi concert. He managed to score some free tickets and knew how much of a fan I am and took me! Thanks Meng!

5/347 William Street, Northbridge

We ordered the Seafood Pancake to share - $8

The seafood was obviously the frozen variety that you get in the freezer section of supermarkets. I don't know whether they made the pancake of it's the frozen type that they just reheated, but Meng says he saw them flipping something in a pan through the window that leads to the kitchen. The pancake was nice but I thought it was a bit doughy.

We also shared the Seafood Fried Rice - $13

The fried rice had the same seafood that we found in the pancake. It was okay. Nothing special.

I love the pickled condiments that accompany any good Korean meal.

After the concert, we went for supper in Northbridge but I didn't bring my camera with me.

What a great night.

"Ohhhh we're halfway there
Livin' on a prayer!"

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