Friday 31st December 2010

For Mum's birthday the other day I popped into the Globe Coffee House in South Perth, intending to pick up a few slices of the pistachio cake for her. I called ahead to make sure they had the pistachio one available and the girl told me they definitely had some. When I got there, I looked in the display window and could not see it. I looked up and down the shelves, left to right, several times and then asked the guy who I think is the owner/manager. He told me they haven't been making the pistachio cake for a few months now. What a disappointment. I think Mum really would have liked that one. He did say that if I called in advance next time, their pastry chef may be able to make one to order for me. I'll keep that in mind.

The girl was telling me that they had pistachio macarons available. I bought one to try (amongst other things!).

I love the gorgeous green colour - even though they're a tad browned.

A tad on the sweet side for me but with a coffee they're a great little nibble.

I had to work tonight so I didn't make any plans for New Years Eve. I stopped by at the Lim's house as they had saved me some food from the BBQ they had. Their dad went out and cooked me my steak when I arrived. Famished!

Chargrilled Pepper Steak, Chicken Wings, Corn on the Cob and Cous Cous Salad.


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