Sunday 2nd January 2011

Today part of the Benoit Gang were heading down to Mandurah to catch crabs. In anticipation of the hard work, I made sure to get up early and make myself a substantial breakfast.

We dropped nets with chicken carcusses for bait off the jetty below one of the bridges and then we waited.

My hands were pretty rope burned from hauling up the nets. We should bring gloves next time. Or attach our nets to electric winches that can be operated by a foot pedal so we have our hands free for more important eating chips and drinking beer.

*sigh* A beer would have been lovely today.

We caught about seven sized crabs and also managed to get some mussels growing in the pylons below the jetty. When the wind picked up and our nets were useless in the current, we drove home to Ivy's Mum's place so that she could cook our catch for us!

Blue Mana Crabs in Sweet Chilli & Egg Sauce

Fried Man Tao for dipping in the sauce.

Mussels in Tomato & White Wine Sauce

Ivy's Mum's Bee Hoon - I think I had like four helpings of this!

There's nothing like catching, cleaning and preparing your own food. Crabs are best eaten fresh. The meat just slips right out of the shell! Delicious!

Suffice it to say, I slept well tonight.

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