Saturday 12th February 2011


I woke up with a migraine today. I haven't yet gotten used to the humidity yet and it was extremely hot and unpleasant overnight. Not to mention waking up to the horrendous sounds the MRT makes as it blasts past below on the tracks. In my half asleep state, it feels like the train is about to crash through the windows into my room.

I caught up with a few cousins for lunch today. They drove me into Sembawang and we decided on a place called Food Odyssey, which, according to the signage out front, specialises in turtle soup.

I was eager to try a turtle egg!

My cousin translated my questions to the lady who was taking our order. We managed to find out that the turtles they serve are procured from Indonesia so I assume there is some sort of farm there where they are bred for the specific purpose of being sold to restaurants. The turtles are slain and then the eggs are removed from them. They usually get about four or five eggs from each turtle.

They humoured me when I asked if I could see the turtles by allowing me to step into the kitchen and TAKE PHOTOS!! The lady was amused by me and was holding up the turtle carcass but I couldn't get my camera on fast enough. I managed to take a photo of the shell.

She flipped the shell over for me.

The kitchen staff were busy preparing chickens and fish etc, and were a bit puzzled when I was taking photos.

We initially thought that the eggs would be large, like the size of chicken eggs, but when they arrived, they were more the size of quail eggs! I cracked the shell with my spoon and then scooped out the yolk to eat. There wasn't much egg white. I think they must have boiled the eggs. The yolk had a weird texture and didn't taste very strong. Weird.

Fish Curry

Braised Pork


Kang Kong

I wasn't feeling too well so I didn't have much of an appetite. But I really did love the curry - it was so flavoursome. And the pork meat just fell off the bones.

Later in the afternoon, I felt peckish and went across to the Lot 1 Shopping Mall and returned with some food.

"Economic" Bee Hoon with Curried Vegetables - SD$2.00
Old Chang Kee fried Squid on a Stick - SD$1.60
assorted Sushi - SD$0.70 each
fresh Watermelon Juice - SD$1.00 (half price daily special)

In the late evening, I went with my Aunty to the new casino at Marina Bay Sands. It was busy and bustling with excitement and a level of eager anticipation. My biggest complaint is that they allow smoking on certain floors and the section is not sectioned off so it doesn't matter that you're on a 'no smoking' floor or area, you can still smell the cigarette smoke. Gross.

After playing SD$70 and winning back $20, I left my Aunty to continue while I went for a walk. The place is massive and all the stores were still open, however not many people were actually buying anything. They're all the high end brand stores like Gucci, Hugo Boss etc. I eventually caught up with my cousin and we went for some supper.

Some tea at TWG.

We shared some sweets.

Various Macarons
Apple Pie

On the way home, my cousin made a stop at Newton Food Centre so that I could get some supper.

Prawn, Pig Tail & Pig Trotter Noodles - SD$7.00

With soup!

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