Friday 11th February 2011


My cousin's son, Lucas - just over two years old.

Day two...what's for breakfast? Mum walked down to the 24 hour food hawkers to get us some freshly made favourites.

Shui Kueh - SD$1.10 for 4 pieces

Char Kueh - SD$1.20

Not long after, our cousin took us across the street to the Lot 1 Shopping Mall for brunch at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. I'm not really a fan of kaya, but I do love the soft boiled eggs.

Kaya Toast

Soft boiled eggs - they're barely cooked at all.
I love them with a sprinkling of salt, pepper and a splash of soy sauce.

Back at home, my Aunty had cooked lunch for us. No surprise...I was hungry!




Chicken with Black Fungus

More sushi for an afternoon snack.

Grilled Eel Nigiri

In the evening I caught up with Victoria who's also in Singapore for the week. We went shopping and bought her an entire new outfit at Bugis.

Giant jackfruits we found in an alleyway.

I had Seafood Claypot Hor Fun in the food court.

Victoria had Salmon & Chicken with Rice.

After dinner, we headed to the New Asia Bar for a few drinks.

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