Thursday 10th February 2011


My flight arrived in Singapore half an hour earlier than scheduled. I took a taxi to my Aunty’s place and since everyone was still fast asleep, I walked down the street to the local 24 hour food hawkers to get some breakfast.

Roast Duck Noodles - SD$4.20

Tea - SD$0.90

What a great start to the trip!

When everyone was awake and the shops were open, we went across the street to the Lot 1 Shopping Mall and I got some brunch.

A selection of my favourite sushi!





Grilled Eel

Salmon Roe & Cucumber


I didn't think I'd finish them...but I did!

We went to our cousin's place for champers and pistachios. Christina polished off most of the bottle.

For a late lunch, we went to Jones, the Grocer - 9 Demspey Road. I think it's the same company that runs Simon Jones in Subiaco back home in Perth. The place feels like a large, spacious warehouse with benches towards the centre for dining and shelves arranged around the sides offering expensive gourmet treats. I spied a cheese coldroom in one corner and had to go in!

We were allowed to try all sorts of cheeses before we settled on a few different types for our cheese platter.

Cheeseboard - a soft cheese (think it was St Neclaire)
and Smoked Northumberland Gouda with Salami and Fig & Walnut slice.
Ooh...the cheeses were delicious!!

Smoked Salmon with Avodaco and giant Capers on Toast

The combination of the smoked salmon and the avocado were awesome!

Beef Carpaccio

This was a let down dish. They saturated the meat with much too much lime juice.

Potato Wedges

We were all a bit amazed that these wedges came out to about $1 a piece.

Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

At the counter they were selling these chocolates
wrapped in foil resembling fish. How...appetising...

In the evening, we went for dinner at Food Republic in Vivo City. I walked around for a bit before I decided to wait in the growing queue for the prawn noodles that were being cooked fresh in this giant wok.

Prawn Noodles - SD$7

Back at the table there were other dishes awaiting us to share.

A very blurry photo of rojak and poh piah.

Chicken Feet

Beef Satays

Mum also bought a plate of the prawn noodles that I got!

Roti with Fish Curry for dipping sauce.

Fresh Fruit

And as if that wasn't enough food for the day, I enjoyed a glass of red with some cheese that I bought from Jones, the Grocer before bed.

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