Wednesday 16th February 2011


Laksa for breakfast - SD$3

I know, my aunty is bewildered as to how I can eat laksa for breakfast and for the millionth time this week. It's slightly different depending on where I buy it from so it's like eating a different dish each time. It sure beats cooking it myself.

My cousin took me out shopping for kitchenwares today on Orchard Road. But first, we went to get lunch. Oh, so important!

Indonesian Restaurant

Level 2, International Building, Orchard Road

They provide an all-you-can-eat set menu for lunch for only SD$17.88++ - how ridiculously great value is that!?

Look at the spread of dishes!

When you finish one dish, you can ask for another serve. They keep replenishing the food if you're willing to eat it! The most important thing to remember is to not eat too much rice!

I left a little bit of rice.

I would definitely recommend coming back to this place again next time I'm in Singapore! Each dish had its own textures and flavours - I especially loved the okra, prawns, and beef dish. It was sort of like a rendang. The beef just melted in your mouth!

I was ecstatic with some of the bargains I scooped up in the department stores. Too bad I don't have more luggage space to carry more back with me! I am very eager to get home and start using my newly acquired items in the kitchen!

After shopping, coffee and a sit down at Toast Box.

After our very successful day of shopping (at least for me!), I caught up with another cousin and he took me for predinner drinks in Arab Street at a small place called Bar Stories. It's a tiny little place and had I not known it was there, I would have walked right on past it.

We went upstairs and sat at the tiny little bar and watched as our mixologist concocted our drinks. I don't know whether they have an actual menu or not, but we simply were encouraged to tell her what we like or felt like having in our cocktail and she created one for us.

My cousin had an expresso style coffee. She blowtorched the drink so that it was warm and garnished it with coffee beans. It tasted gorgeous!

I asked for something fruity and she made me an 'Apple Pie' cocktail. It tasted like a warm apple pie! I must say, it felt really healthy sipping our cocktails while sitting beside all this fresh fruit!


48 Bukit Pasoh Road

For dinner, we entered the world of fine French cuisine.

Our entrees:

Pan-fried Foie Gras with warm Blinis and Morello Cherries - SD$29++

Seared Hokkaido Scallops, Ragu of Spelt, Seaweed and Sea Urchin - SD$26++

Our mains:

Grilled Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin
with Creamy Polenta with Parmesan, grilled Portabello and Cep Jus - SD$46++

Crispy Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly
with Star Aniseed Jus, Kipfler Potatoes and Baby Fennel Salad - SD$40++

My cousin piled some of his food onto my plate so I got to taste a bit of everything. His beef tenderloin was to die for!! It was cooked to perfection - I wish I had ordered that instead!

We were keen to sample some of the cheeses after dinner but they took a while to get the cheese trolley around to our table so we ran out of time as we had to meet my other cousin for after dinner drinks. A pity - the cheeses looked fantastic!

For after dinner drinks we went to the new Fullerton Hotel and on the top storey there are some swimming pools and an alfreso dining area. It looks absolutely amazing and I just wish we had somewhere as glamorous as this to go to for after work drinks back home in Perth.

The view is spectacular.

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