Saturday 26th March 2011

After work I went to Lisa's for a catch up. We made a run to the shops to pick up some refreshment and nibblies.

Cabanossi, Camembert, Cashews, Crackers & Sundried Tomatoes


I love to watch people prepare food. It's great to watch the process from start to finish. I think it makes the food much more enjoyable and it also is nice to keep the chef company while they slave away in the kitchen.

Lisa used some gluten-free beef sausages (skins removed) and puff pastry.

She sprinkled paprika and parmesan over them.

I have never seen anyone crimp the edges of sausage rolls like this before!

The smelt gorgeous! They look like little lamb chops!

We took our drinks outside to enjoy the sunshine.

In the early evening we set out on a walk to the river and enjoyed the weather as it cooled down. It would be lovely to live so close to the river! So many people were out and about taking their evening strolls or taking their dogs for walks. It's too bad that being so close to the river also means mosquitos!

Back at home, Lisa got back to work in the kitchen to prepare my dinner. I mean - our dinner.

Pork Steak Burgers with Onion Relish
with oven baked Chips

Oh my gosh - I really did not think that I was hungry enough to eat this even though Lisa and I shared one. It was amazing! The onion relish (the recipe called it jam but it was more like a relish) completed the burger perfectly. Awesome!

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