Sunday 27th March 2011

Today I visited Swan Valley with some friends for a lazy day of eating, drinking and laziness.

9720 West Swan Road, Henley Brook

We started with lunch sitting outside in the lovely warm sunshine. The flies were annoying though!

Cameron had the Salmon with Potatoes & Asparagus

Lisa and I shard the Chicken Pizza with BBQ Sauce - $22.5

After lunch we hit a few wineries! The first one that caught our attention (or at least mine!) was one called the Ugly Duckling. Just as I thought, they are a new winery that opened recently and the couple running the place were very welcoming and friendly.

Lancaster is a favourite of ours!

When I go wine tasting, I am greatly influenced by how friendly the staff are. When we come across rude owners we usual do not stay long, nor buy anything. We have even walked straight back out once when we were rudely ignored and then told we must pay a fee to taste their wines.

We were not impressed with Houghton. The guy pouring us the wine to taste was aloof and not very keen to interest us in purchasing anything. We wandered into the restaurant area and I would love to return to have a light lunch and stay for the live entertainment, but we were not impressed today with that guy's attitude.

Suffice it to say, I am more willing to buying wine from someone who treats me with respect, warmth and friendliness. I'm not going to waste my money at a winery where the staff act like all you're wanting is a free drink.

The heritage gallery at Houghton.

With the afternoon really heating up, we sleepily wound our way to Guildford and we found somewhere to have some afternoon tea.

8254 Ford Street, Woodbridge

The afternoon heat must have deterred other people from venturing out as there were only a few other tables occupied when we got there. This was fine as we were able to enjoy the tranquility of the river view in a sleepy trance without the usual hustle and bustle.

Soy Ice Chocolate with the Works! - $5.5

Scones with Jam & Cream - $3.5

What an awesome Sunday.

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