Saturday 9th April 2011

100 St. Georges Terrace, Perth CBD

After work I caught up with a friend at the Greenhouse. We went upstairs to have some drinks and unwind. It was such lovely weather and it was great to be out in the fresh air!

Something 'fresh and fruity' from the bar.

It was a pity we didn't have a view of the sun as it set, but as it got dark we got hungry and ordered some nibblies.

Potato Croquettes and Albany Rock Oysters 'el naturale'

The potato croquettes were delicious! However, the oysters were so incredibly salty. I was very disappointed and very worried that my lips would puff up from the saltiness. Very fortunate that they did not. I think the guy at the bar was rather insulted when I told him how salty the oysters were.

Deciding to move on, we took the train to Claisebrook and went to a supper club that I have always wanted to try.

Unit 1/3 Aberdeen Street, Perth

The interior was lit with a red light and it felt like we had wandered into a fancy dress 60s goth party. Being a 25+ venue, the crowd were mature and restrained. No drunken youngens being boisterous and loud. They had retro music playing and a fantastic, lively atmosphere. I would love to come back again!

We shared some Empiladas and Potato Wedges.

Gotta love spontaneity!

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