Sunday 10th April 2011

76 Francis Street, Northbridge

I woke up with a desire for dim sum this morning. Marissa, Teresa and I reached Northbridge and walked to the restaurant on Roe Street that serves our favourite dim sum. Alas! It was closed! We didn't want to settle for the restaurant next door (where all the dejected customers were lining up for a table) so we walked a few blocks over to Francis Street to another dim sum restaurant. There was also another crowd outside the restaurant and my stomach was rumbling like crazy. On the verge of a hypoglycaemic attack, I suggested we eat a few stores down at the Hong Kong BBQ restaurant.

Combination BBQ Meats - Roast Duck, Roast Pork & BBQ Pork
Dry Noodles with Ginger & Shallots

Teresa also ordered this noodle dish.

Combination Vegetables with Garlic

An awesome, lazy Sunday. I love days like these.

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