Thursday 21st April 2011

YOSHIYA Japanese Restaurant
107 Pier Street, Perth CBD

I had lunch with a fellow workmate today as we were in the city. I was in the mood for some Japanese today!

We started with some miso.

My friend claims that Yoshiya make the best
California Rolls in the whole of Perth!

The sashimi was gorgeous. Fresh, delicate pieces.

We were given complimentary slices of watermelon for dessert.

I had to rush around in the early afternoon to get some errands done before heading home to pack for my long weekend trip to Bangkok. Woo!

The flight on Tiger Airways started off ok. I was settling into the five hour flight with my mp3 player and sudoku book. When the drinks service began, I waited patiently for the trolley to make its way from the front, all the way to us in row 20. I asked for vodka, apple juice and mixed nuts.

Five minutes later, the passenger behind me knocked my seat as I was reaching for my drink and I watched in horror as the cup tipped forwards and its contents spilled into my lap. I was seized with terror as I felt the cold liquid spreading throughout my lap. There was no where to jump to. No where to move.

Fortunately, the seats were pvc and of those passengers who saw what happened, none made a big fuss or laughed at me so I was able to maintain a slight amount of dignity as I stumbled to the toilets to try to dry myself. While waiting in line for the toilet, a girl told me that right after my accident, another passenger sitting nearby spilt his bourbon.

I returned to my seat and ordered a very much needed second vodka.

Dinner was Chicken Curry - not bad!

**I only just returned from the trip so posts will be up soon!**

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