Thursday 31st March 2011

Morning Tea at Work

One of the ladies at work brought in a birthday cake today. I have to admit, at first glance I thought it looked Something you would expect to see at a little girl's birthday party. Anyhow, I had a bit of a sweet tooth this morning so I had a piece for morning tea. The cake wasn't bad - it was a light sponge with lots of the cream coloured pink.

Afternoon Tea at Work

It's a Thursday today but we decided not to do a work lunch today. However, I think subconsciously some of us were aware that it is a Thursday and we still brought in some food to share. For afternoon tea we heated up a frozen McCains pizza in our pizza oven. We also had some freshly made Turkish bread and dips. Later on we had some cheeses, crackers and thinly sliced charcuterie. Yum!

Mum's Sweet & Sour Fish and fried Spinach

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