Monday 25th April 2011



I got gastro.

For most of the day I couldn't eat anything and was soooo hungry!

When the girls sat down for lunch after a shopping spree, I was able to manage some frozen yoghurt. Let's help kick start my intestinal flora with some healthy bacteria!

When we were heading back to our hotel, we saw these street stalls set up right on our doorstop! We intended to head back down to get some food once we had dropped off our shopping but half an hour later when we returned, they had disappeared! They must have sensed the threat of rain and packed up in record time. There was not a single trace of them!

We bought food back from the nearby food court so that we could veg back at the hotel and pack our luggage since our flight is early in the morning.

Pad Thai with Seafood

Tofu & Bean Sprout stirfry and Sambal Beans

Beef Ball Noodle Soup


Tom Yum Laksa

Som Tam - Green Papaya Salad

Aah, I finally got to have my som tam salad. I had to ask for less chilli and only fished out of the slices of papaya so as not to upset my very delicate stomach.

Let's hope my appetite fares well tomorrow!

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