Sunday 24th April 2011


We went to the Chatuchak weekend markets this morning. At the entrance we got a map and my gosh...the place was huge! No doubt the stalls and their wares began getting a bit repetitive after a while, but it was awesome! As the temperature rose, we sought shelter in the undercover areas.

There was a plethora of food stalls!

We had some pad thai for lunch in one of the stalls. We don't know whether it was simply because they were cooking a huge batch at the one time, or if this is how they eat pad thai in this area, but we were a bit disappointed. I would have expected an awesome dish since we're in the streets, but instead we were served some bland noodles that were stuck together, with some chicken and ground peanuts spooned on top.

I had some of this roast pork - and lived to rue it because
I think the cause of my oncoming gastro was because of this!

For dinner we went to a restaurant by the dubious name of Cabbages and Condoms.

Although we paid restaurant prices, dinner was still unbelievable cheap! The rainy weather must have been keeping people indoors as the restaurant wasn't full, despite it being a Saturday night. I was rather disappointed to see the lack of night life during our stay. Perhaps it's the off peak season?

The day ended with us snacking in our hotel (pretty much what we did every night!) and I had bought some Macdonalds. I do like to try the fast food in different countries to see how it compares. Also, I find that in different countries you can get different items. Just like when I had a taro pie in Hawaii, I was eager to try the broccoli pie in Bangkok!

Macdonalds' Broccoli Pie
It was ok...tasted like you were eating broccoli pie in pastry.

Spicy Wings

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