Saturday 22nd May 2011

On the way to work this morning I picked up some breakfast for the girls! If we have to work on a Saturday, we should at least indulge in a good breakfast! We recently discovered that Dome do breakfast to go. Woo!

Bacon & Egg Toasted Baguette from Dome

We all gobbled up half of the baguette each and were too full to eat the other time we will have to share!


I didn't know what I was going to make but saw the seafood van parked near UWA on Stirling Highway so I bought some crabs.

Chilli Crabs

Kong heated some Man Tao in the microwave

The man tao opened up so I made a little crab man tao burger!

Yen Chen made a deliciously spicy Creole Rice

Aaah...I was craving some good Pasta - courtesy of Ling and Shallen

Our wonderful host, Kong, made Lasagna!

We all rolled into the karaoke room afterwards!

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