Friday 3rd June 2011

For yesterday's work lunch I made chicken enchiladas, or rather, I cooked the filling for them but forgot to bring the wraps to work. So, today we had enchiladas for lunch!

Chicken Enchiladas grilled with Cheese

I made the filling with diced chicken thigh, a can of four bean mix
and a packet of Woolworths' brand taco seasoning.

For my love of Italian cuisine, this may be a surprise to you all that I don't think I have ever cooked gnocci at home. It's one of those dishes that's high up on my 'to do' list, which I will hopefully be getting around to when I move into my new house and have the space. I had a craving for it lately so I picked up an Italian brand of gnocci from Cannington Fresh.

Yesterday, I made a rich tomato sauce with onion, garlic, parsley, basil and a jar of passata. Tonight, I boiled the gnocci and then tossed them through the tomato sauce I made with some sliced leek.

Served with lots of grated pecorino.

A very simple dish but oh so so sooooo delicious! The tomato sauce was divine and the gnocci were cooked perfectly. I must make this again very soon!

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