Thursday 2nd June 2011


We didn't really have a theme today but we agreed that the foods we brought had to be warm, hearty and moorish.

Lidie made this South African dish - bobotie. It's minced beef with a top layer of an egg mixture. She brought in a jar of chutney to accompany it and it was sooooo good! We all were demanding the recipe afterwards.

Ian's Soup - Pumpkin and Potato...if I remember correctly.
It was awesome with some of his harissa paste too!

Alison brought in a Spinach Quiche.

Claire and Dr Park ordered pizza for us!

Rucha brought an Indian dessert of cooked grated carrot. Yes, it was new to all of us and I think the general consensus was that we all felt strange eating a dessert made of carrots, but the cardomom flavour was gorgeous! We didn't have any vanilla ice cream to go with it so we had to settle for cookies and cream, which was an odd combination.

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