Monday 11th July 2011

Tonight I used the leftover rice from Saturday night's Korean dinner to make fried rice.

Firstly, sautee some diced onion and garlic in some oil in a pan.

Then add some sliced celery and diced carrots and fry these for several minutes with some soy sauce, shitake sauce, sesame oil and chilli sauce.

Once the carrots are softened, throw in some seafood. I used a prepackaged mixture containing baby squid, clams, mussels and octopus that were cut into roughly the same size.

Meanwhile, break up the leftover rice.

When the seafood is just about cooked through, add some thawed peas from the freezer and the rice. Stir until all combined.

After scooping the fried rice out of the pan, I made a very thin egg omelette with two eggs beaten with a bit of water. In the pan, you carefully roll the omelette up to form a roll and then thinly slice it to garnish the fried rice.

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