Saturday 25th June 2011

Mum and I visited Jocelyn at her new home this afternoon and stayed to help supervise her cooking a three course dinner for her friends tonight.

She made tiramisu for dessert - it was amazingly good. Very light, not sweet and she didn't use as much Kahlua as the recipe called for so there wasn't a strong lingering taste of alcohol in the biscuit.


We all caught up in this little Thai/Indian restaurant in Shelley to celebrate Ramona's birthday. Although the restaurant offers Thai and Indian cuisine, Ramona's mum knows the owners and they cooked us a Sri Lankan feast. It was sooooo good!

For starters - Spring Rolls and Tuna Balls

There was an amazing chilli paste that we all lapped up with the Tuna Balls. The balls themselves were awesome!

For the mains:

Saffron Rice with Cardamom

Curry Chicken - the sauce was absolutely amazing!

Curried Potatoes - I think the potatoes had been deep fried earlier in the day because they had that old starchy taste. Too bad! I love this dish!

Battered Fried Prawns (in a Tamarind Sauce?)

Cashews & Peas

I made sure to get a little bit of everything! There was also a fresh garden salad, pappadums and one of my favourites - sort of an eggplant sambal. Love love love it!

Dessert was a sort of Creme Caramel.
Now, I'm not usually a caramel fan but I actually enjoyed this!

Happy Birthday Ramona!

I still remember the Sri Lankan feast Ramona cooked for us in her home years ago. You can revisit this post here.

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