Saturday 13th August 2011


I think this is our first steamboat night this year at Ling and Shallen's place!

The day was beautifully sunny and warm but as the evening closed in it became cloudy, overcast and then began to rain as we sat down to dinner. Perfect.

Shimeji Mushrooms made a grand first time appearance!

Enoki Mushrooms

Yong Tau Foo

A mixture of pork, fish and seafood balls.

Cute grape tomato has nowhere to go!

Kong made Macha Green Tea Ice Cream - from scratch!! for dessert.
It did not last long at all.

Barista Ling makes our coffees.

I miss the art of making coffee.
I miss working in cafes and bars.
I miss frothing the milk.
I miss the smell of gorgeous coffee beans when you open a new bag of coffee.

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