Saturday 23rd July 2011

the IMP
863 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

We went out for dinner tonight to celebrate Ling's birthday. This cute, cosy little cafe serves tapas and we got there early, hoping to get a table since they don't take reservations.

We didn't take long to peruse the menu and decide on what we wanted. They had individual tapas available as well as a tapas platter with meats and a vegetarian platter option.

Photos are not that great because I couldn't use my flash (because it smokes!)...I really should get around to buying a new camera!

Pork Belly

Lamb Cutlets

Vegetarian Tapas Platter

The baking paper bag in the centre of the platter contained a mixture
of mushrooms that were baked in the oven. Yum!

Meat Tapas Platter

The pork belly and lamb cutlets were gorgeous and cooked to absolute perfection! The accompaniments with them were flavours matched in heaven.

The only thing disappointing with our meal was the chorizo. It was overcooked!

Before we even sat down, I glanced at the dessert display and noticed that there was only one crumble remaining so I asked them to keep it aside for me! They did bring out a tray of freshly made crumbles during our dinner but it doesn't hurt to think ahead!

Berry Crumble

Sticky Date Pudding

We completed the night with lots of wine and karaoke!

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