Sunday 24th July 2011


I invited some wonderful ladies over for high tea today as a housewarming. I asked that each person bring a plate of high tea goodness and we ended up with a feast!

Last night I finally did something I have always wanted to try.

Ice cubes with flower petals.

I used carnation flowers. So purty!

As everyone arrived, I made lemonade.
Lemon cordial, soda water and fresh lemon slices.

And turned it pink with grenadine!

Using chicken sausages, I made sausage rolls with puff pastry.

I toasted some Melba toasts in the oven with some salami,
cheese and my homemade sundried cherry tomatoes.

I also made some wholemeal cucumber sandwiches.

Here's what my guests brought:


Hedgehog Slice

Matchsticks with Jam and Cream

Profiteroles with a savoury filling.

These were sooo morish!

Jaffa Cake

Fruit Flan

Croatian Donuts


Sausage Rolls

Oyster 'Pate'

O. M. G.
This was frackin' awesome! I must must get the recipe!

An amazing day of food and fantastic company!

Thanks ladies!

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