Friday 26th August 2011

Last night we went out for dinner to celebrate Jocelyn and David's birthdays.

66 Roe Street, Northbridge

We'd all been hard at work during the day so we needed some Kopi-O to wake us up.

We had the Jellyfish to start with.
It tasted like Mum's Achar. Yum!

Jocelyn had the Hot and Sour Soup.

Jocelyn ordered and, as usual, she ordered far too much food for us!

Sambal Kang Kong

I don't remember the name but this Pork dish was awesome!

Oatmeal(??) Prawns

Marmite Chicken

Steamed Dhufish


This beef dish was a let down compared to the other dishes.

We shared an Ice Kachang for dessert.

We divvied up the leftovers between us in five takeaway containers, which I had for lunch today at work.

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