Saturday 10th September 2011

Upon arrival at work this morning, I was greeted some hotcakes from Maccas! I think it's been well over fifteen years since I last had their hotcakes. I much rather prefer to get hashbrowns for breakfast but I won't say no to a nice, hot breakfast.

I added the whipped butter and syrup and it was soooo good!

I went to IGA after work with the intent of finding a steak for dinner. Instead, I found a nicely french trimmed lamb shank and decided to make stew.

Look how clean the bone is!

I coated the shank in plain flour and sealed it in the pot with olive oil.

Garlic, onion, butter, potatoes, carrots, leek, rosemary and thyme.
I added some red wine, crushed tomatoes and brought it to the boil.

After two hours in the oven.

The meat on the shank shrank to one side! But oh so so tender!

I have always wanted to cook lentils and today I did. I googled how to prepare them, thinking that I would have to soak them before cooking. But no, simply rinse with cold water and then I cooked them with a bit of hot water until they were cooked. I like my lentil a little firm and not completely soggy.

The lentils went nicely with the lamb shank stew.

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