Sunday 11th September 2011


I invited my neighbours and some friends over today for lunch. We kicked off at 11am and by the time most of us arrived with a plate of food to share, we had a full spread on the table for lunch.

As usual with a pot luck style event, I wasn't sure what other people would bring so I opted to provide some healthy options!

Fruit Salad


Lentil & Bean Salad

This was an experiment that turned out really well! I had some leftover lentils from last night and decided to add some gourmet baked beans to it, as well as some finely diced red onion and a garnish of coriander. Awesome!

The guests showed up with a plethora of goodies!



I made sandwiches

I bought these Chicken Chippies from IGA.


Chocolate Cupcakes!

I also organised for a wine rep from Pieroth Wines to come out and provide us with a wine tasting.

I had such a wonderful day full of delicious food, wonderful friends and new neighbours, gorgeous wines from all over the world, I did not want it to end!

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