Monday 7th November 2011

I had the day off work today so I treated myself to a nice breakfast that I ate while reading my book.

Bacon, Eggs & Baby Asparagus Spears

While grocery shopping in the afternoon, I was lucky to snag some oysters on special! A whole dozen for only $6.99. START THE CAR!

For dinner, I had:

A dozen Oysters Kilpatrick

Simply combine some tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, worcestershire sauce and tobasco sauce in a bowl with some finely chopped bacon. Spoon a bit of this mixture onto each oyster in the shell and bake in the oven for about five minutes at about 180C or until the bacon begins to crisp up and the sauce caramelises.

Dolmades, Sundried Tomatoes & Baby Asparagus Spears

Aah... the finer things in life.

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